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About Us


Inspired, designed, and created in Colombia, ready for the world.

Lefortú embodies the spirit of strong, independent women hustling through their day. Our garments are designed to transition perfectly from day to night. It’s all about

Forge your destiny, breathe it in.
For the world is large and life is luscious and abundant,
its upon you to defy expectations,
to embrace the unknown and be free.


Environmentally Conscious Design

Style is important, but so is helping our environment in whatever way we can. Our fabrics are exclusively designed for each Lefortú collection. Those exclusive prints are printed without water and harmful chemicals.

On top of that, our fabrics are made with recycled bottles. For every 1 meter of fabric, 12 bottles have been saved from harming our rivers, beaches, and land. We believe that investing in sustainable solutions is worth it so we can bring you garments you feel good about.